the [create+lead+solve] coaching relationship

The primary objective of the coaching relationship is to help facilitate the client’s awareness of a situation and the client’s development of an action plan to address it. After the action plan is implemented, accountability measures and feedback are critical to ensure success.

Coaching is not therapy and does not seek to uncover any deep-seated emotional issues. It is a journey that captures the essence of individuals but does not analyze them. It requires a commitment to be open to where the journey leads and to maintain authenticity. As the coach, [create+lead+solve] will be the guide and facilitator, but the client will be the source and director of the change.

Assessments are an effective tool for gathering information and evaluating situations. If you already perform assessments within your organization, these will be used as a starting point with other supplemental assessments, such as personality or strengths inventories, added depending on the situation.

Confidentiality is critical in any successful coaching relationship. Objective results and outcomes are the outputs of the relationship and will be shared with all designated parties. However, the method of getting there and what is revealed during private conversations will remain confidential.

Written progress reports will be provided on a regular basis as determined by the coaching program. The reports will include brief statements about progress made towards the desired outcomes or goals.


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