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Home Improvement Stores – A Place for Change

I don’t know about you, but I love home improvement stores. I could spend hours going up and down every aisle, looking at the vast selection of tools and gadgets for sale. Mind you, I’m not particularly handy although I have experienced a few small victories in the home improvement/repair department – unclogging a tub being my most proud moment. So, what is it about home improvement stores that I find so fascinating?

First, it has to be the sheer ingenuity that someone at some time created a better or more efficient way to accomplish a task. Thousands of inventions for thousands of uses all right there to make our lives easier. Locks, switches, wireless doorbells, motion detectors, and even the toilet plunger – the tool I used to unclog my tub.

Then, there are the raw materials such as lumber, plywood, and paint. Home improvement stores provide endless opportunities to create something new. All it requires from you is imagination (and money). Walking aimlessly through the aisles causes my mind to wander and dreams to form. Look at this idea. Could I do this? Yes, I think I could.

Finally, home improvement stores are the impetus for transforming something old into something new. My house is vintage 1978. For the most part, I’m waiting for it to come back in style. Alas, there are times when I must make a repair. It is then that I have a choice. Look for a simple replacement or use the opportunity to transform the function. In so doing, I brainstorm all the various options, decide on the most feasible idea, and execute.

Thinking about home improvement stores makes me think about organizational change. There are endless tools and theories at our disposal to create something new or transformational. Maybe the next time you are faced with a change initiative, you should start at the home improvement store and let your mind dream of the possibilities.